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How to:

Add User

  1. Press ☼ then 2
  2. Login as Administrator
  3. Press 1 to Add Owner or 0 to Add Visitor


Delete Users

  1. Press ☼ then 3
  2. Login as Administrator
  3. Press 1 to Delete All Owners or 0 to Delete All Visitors


Change Volume

  1. Press ☼ then 6
  2. Press 6 to adjust volume  (High / Low / Off)
  3. Press ✔ to set


Pair Phone

  1. Press ☼ then 8
  2. Use the SECURAM app to finish the pairing process



  • On the keypad:
    • Press any button except ☼ (when unlocked)
  • In the SECURAM app:
    • Tap lock on Touch device page



  • On the keypad:
    • Enter code
    • Scan fingerprint
    • Use key
  • In the SECURAM app:
    • Tap unlock then enter valid code (includes one time code)


Arm System

  1. Press ☼ then 0

(Turns all notifications on in SECURAM app)


Visitor Access

Set Visitor Button:

  • Green – allow visitors
  • Red – restrict visitors


Calibrate Lock

  1. Use thumbturn to lock and unlock 3 times
  2. Double beep indicates calibration successful


Reset Lock

  1. Press and hold reset button 8 seconds (until voice prompt is heard)


Pair Lock & Keypad

  1. Press reset button once







Step 1

Uninstall the existing deadbolt.

Measure from the edge of your door to the center of deadbolt hole to determine the backset measurement.

This dimension will either be: 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″.

Step 2

If the dimension of your deadbolt backset is 2-3/8″, skip this step.

Otherwise, please change the backset from 2-3/8″ to 2-3/4″.

To change, twist the latch to disengage, then pull to adjust the backset length.

Step 3

Insert the deadbolt latch into the door with the arrow up. Ensure the deadbolt is retracted.

Install the 2 provided screws (3/4″) to secure the deadbolt latch.

Step 4

Install the touchpad on the front of the door. Feed the cable under the deadbolt.

Ensure the flat bar spindle (circle) is inserted vertically through the spindle slot and arrow is point up.

Step 5

Use the tape found in the box to stick the touchpad to your door so it does not move.

Step 6

Test the deadbolt by twisting the falt bar spindle a few times. This should work with ease.  If it is stiff, please try to reinstall the deadbolt in proper position.

Keep the deadbolt retracted and proceed to next step.

Step 7

On interior assembly, switch the visitor button to green and press the button in.  The battery compartment will open.  Put the cover aside.

Lift the latch found at the back of the battery compartment.

Step 8

Insert the cable through the lower hole of the mounting plate.

Thread the 2 mounting screws (1″) through the installation holes to the screw ports on the back of the touchpad.

Step 9

Ensure the thumb turn arrow is pointing up.

Ensure the spindle receiver is oriented so the arrow is pointing up.

Step 10

Extend the door sensor on the opening side of the door.

Connect the cable to the back of the interior assembly.

Step 11

insert the spindle into the receiver, insert the excess cable into the hole and snap the interior assembly onto the mounting plate.

Step 12

Press the latch down to lock interior assembly in place.

Step 13

Insert 2 CR2 batteries (included)

Replace the battery compartment cover onto the assembly.

Step 14

Lock and unlock 3 times to calibrate the door lock.



How do I adjust the deadbolt backset from 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4?

Twist the latch to disengage, then pull to adjust the backset length. 

How do I open the battery compartment?

  1. Switch the Visitor Button to green (Allow Visitors)
  2. Press the Visitor Button
  3. Battery compartment cover will pop open. 

After installation, why does SECURAM Touch not work as intended?

Please check to ensure that the spindle, thumb turn and spindle receiver are installed properly. 

View installation guide here. 

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